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Social Security

With social security we seek the well-being of employees who work in a company. This is made up of the worker-employer fees, which must be paid to the Mexican Institute of Social Security so that your workers have health support, medical services, retirement fund and social services.

Social Security

Every labor organization is obliged to provide social security to all positions that make up its company, because it is a right and
requirement by the established norms. By not complying with paperwork properly, your business can lead to fines, surcharges and other unwanted complications.

By offering this benefit, your workers can feel safe working in your company, having support in any complicated situation in which they may find themselves.

At GPC Consultores we want all the members of your business to feel protected, for that reason, we have a specialized social security service to carry out all the procedures that this entails, from registration with authorities to attention to requirements.


Calculation of worker-employer fees

We know that worker-employer fees are the strongest expenses that your company can have, therefore, we take care of calculating the contributions of your company and your employees, according to the current guidelines and your interests.

Registration with Authorities

Any company that has staff is required to register with the IMSS, at GPC Consultores we know that this type of procedure takes away valuable time for the operation, therefore, we support you in the corresponding procedures for registration.


Specific Controls for the Construction Industry (SIROC)

In the case of construction companies or businesses related to the construction industry, it is important to present to the IMSS the special notices indicated by the corresponding regulations. With GPC Consultores you will not have to worry anymore, we take care of presenting the corresponding notices.

Care Requirements

At GPC Consultores we help you to carry out all the necessary procedures for the consultation and attention of requirements that you have from the IMSS.

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