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Transfer Prices

Transfer prices give the monetary value to the products or services that are exchanged or transferred by two associated companies. For there to be a balance, there must be a transfer pricing system to distribute the profit or loss generated in an operation between related parties .

Transfer Prices

At GPC Consultores we are specialists in Transfer Pricing and we help you to comply with all the required provisions dictated by domestic and international legislation, maintaining the same values agreed by the related parties, national and foreign.


Development and updating of Transfer Pricing Studies

The operations carried out by companies and individuals with national and foreign related parties, require that they be agreed under the arm's length principle, that the transaction values are the same as those agreed with independent parties. Our specialists support our clients to comply with the Transfer Pricing provisions, dictated by domestic and international legislation, by preparing or updating the Transfer Pricing Study.

Multiple Informative statements (DIM)

You must report and declare before the SAT about the payments and withholdings of taxes of the operations of your company, therefore, in GPC Consultores we support you by making these declarations of your operations with related parties abroad before the tax authorities.


Early resolution Price (APA)

We guide you on the study and consideration of the methodology used for Transfer Pricing, whether they are held unilaterally or bilaterally, avoiding double taxation.

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