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Comptroller Consulting and Administration of IMMEX Program

The IMMEX Program is an instrument to promote exports, which allows producers of goods or service providers for export, temporarily import various goods such as
raw materials, supplies, components, containers and packaging, as well as machinery and equipment; to be used in the production of products for subsequent export, without paying the general import tax,
compensatory fees and value added tax, if applicable.

Consulting and Management Program IMMEX

The Strategic Fiscalized Area Regime (RFE) is an instrument of competitiveness that allows exporting companies to generate significant savings since it reduces logistical and administrative costs and makes their customs processes more efficient.


Getting IMMEX Program and Strategic Trade Zone

We advise and accompany you in the process of obtaining the IMMEX Program or Strategic Fiscalized Area through the management of
our specialists in these programs.

Certification on VAT and IEPS

The certified companies obtain the benefit of tax credit in the payment of VAT and IEPS in their temporary imports, in addition to accessing administrative benefits as a reliable company. At GPC Consultores we support you in obtaining the VAT and IEPS certification for IMMEX and RFE companies.

Reconstruction and Administration of the Inventory Control System (Annex 24)

In accordance with article 59, section I of the Customs Law, companies that operate under the IMMEX program are required to
keep an automated inventory control, which maintains the updated data record of those merchandise imported temporarily.

We provide technological solutions for the validation and administration of the inventory control system, to reduce the burden
administrative and ensure customs compliance. If you do not have it yet, we are working on its implementation.


Control of Overdue Balances of Temporary Inventories

We specialize in the administration and control of the balances of temporary imports in order to avoid their expiration and generation of risk in customs matters for the Company.

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