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The processes related to the calculation of payroll of a company are very important. It is a financial record of salary, benefits and deductions granted to employees for the work they have done in a given period of time.


To prepare a payroll, different factors that influence the amount to be received by the employee must be taken into account, this depends on the type of contract, agreements, Social Security and more elements, such as the calculation of taxes, management and va linked to different laws and rigorous regulations of different subjects.


This procedure is essential for the net income of your business, but especially for your employees who keep the company in constant motion. For this reason, at GPC Consultores we help you determine the cycle of your payroll, complying with all tax and social security provisions and with the new guidelines for issuing the Digital Tax Receipt (CFDI) of payroll and thus you can focus your time on grow your business without having to worry about anything else.


With the experience of our advisers you can feel fully secure regarding the payment of your employees and the fulfillment of labor and tax obligations, leave everything in our hands.


We have extensive experience in the tax treatment of expatriates.



We estimate the payroll of your employees, taking into account the benefits, deductions and deductions established by law, whether weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Local Tax

We calculate local taxes and social security contributions derived from payroll in accordance with current regulations.


Settlements and settlements

We make the calculation of settlements and settlements according to the employee's time worked and the established fiscal and labor regulations, and above all we take care of your interests and the objectives of your company.

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