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About us

We are a tax, foreign trade and external comptroller consulting firm that is distinguished by finding solutions and opportunities relevant to you.

Your goals are our goals. We consider it our responsibility to guarantee a service that solves important aspects of your operation to ease your burden and improve your business.


We dedicate ourselves with greater care and passion than what is considered the standard in our industry because we are aware of a new era where competitiveness is demonstrated with facts.


Get to know our philosophy Be an opportunity maker®

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Strategic Alliances


In these days we need to be creative and forward looking.

That is why we founded FRONT CONSORTIUM, a group of enterprises  (Negotium, Gahufa and GPC Consulting) that work together to find innovative solutions to nowadays needs.


If you have merchandise detained in the customs or in a courier, Gauhfa can help you achieve a more efficient commercial exchange without having to comply with records before the different authorities and agencies


Gahufa has a general registry of importers, as well as a sectorial registry of imports of textiles, clothing and ethyl alcohol (wines and spirits), a general registry of exporters of alcohol, denatured alcohol and uncrystallizable honeys, beer, tequila, fermented alcoholic beverages (wines), distilled alcoholic beverages (alcohols), cigars and wrought tobaccos.


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Outsourcing company that provides solutions to absorb fiscal and social security responsibility for the staff, freeing the administrative burden, and contributing with a comprehensive, transparent and ethical service.


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Why choose us

20+ years of experience

State-of-the-art methodologies

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Premium Staff 

We create opportunities

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