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Consulting and Tax Advice

As a company, there are different obligations that must be met, such as declarations with the Treasury, tax reviews, tax withholdings, among others.

Consulting and Tax Advice

So that your company does not have problems with the corresponding agencies, every business must have tax planning to keep its tax obligations up to date. Tax advice, in addition to guiding you, can also focus on different areas in which the company is interested.

At GPC Consultores we know the importance of complying with the different tax obligations that are required in a company, for this reason we have the tax consulting service to help you develop plans and strategies based on a study and analysis of national tax provisions and international

With our experience we guide you to restructure your company, through mergers, splits, transformations and liquidations of companies. At GPC Consultores we have an area specialized in returns of balances in favor of contributions.


Determination of contributions

We are specialists in the application of tax provisions for the calculation of contributions, according to the business of your company and based on the corresponding tax regulations.

Counseling and Consulting

We are specialists in the design and implementation of strategies to optimize your financial resources in compliance with tax obligations, we get involved in your operation to meet the needs of your business, in this way we grow profits.

Corporate restructurings

We support you in corporate restructuring, we analyze the different scenarios: merger, spin-off, transformation and liquidation of companies, as well as the constitution of companies for corporate strengthening.

Analysis of International Treaties

Our experience extends to the analysis of the Treaties to Avoid Double Taxation in operations that involve entities incorporated in national territory as well as abroad, optimizing the tax burden. We monitor compliance with tax obligations through periodic reviews and diagnoses.


Tax Refund

Thanks to our experience in tax matters, we managed to recover the balances in favor of taxes.

Attention to Requirements

With the regulatory reforms that the tax authority has implemented in recent years, home visits, cabinet reviews and issuance of requirements have become increasingly recurrent to ensure compliance by each taxpayer. With our team of tax specialists we support our clients with the tax compliance verification procedures carried out by the federal or local authorities.

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